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Signing up to the Investec developer portal is easy. You will need to be enrolled with Open Banking to get testing and access our APIs.

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Register your app and start testing our Sandbox products straight away.

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Getting started is easy. Please note that you will have to be enrolled with Open Banking in order to use our sandbox APIs.

• Sign up to the Investec portal
• Create an app and apply for our sandbox products
• Start testing

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If you are interested in joining our beta trial and test our live APIs please get in touch.

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Featured APIs

Account Information
Retrieve account and transactional information for Investec UK Private Banking clients.

API documentation

Initiate payments for Investec UK Private Banking clients who use your products and services.

API documentation

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What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is an industry initiative to help  development of new banking products and services through the use of APIs. This allows third parties to connect to account providers using standards developed by Open Banking, with the aim of encouraging competition in  banking.

Security and data protection

Investec's UK Private Banking client will be able to share their data safely with other banks and trusted third parties as well as make payments directly from their current accounts. We always require client approval before giving third parties access to their data and payment capabilities.
We adhere to the Open ID Connect (OIDC) security standards and the Open Banking specification.

Why Investec?

We bring the power of a big established bank with the spirit and flexibility of a start-up. We provide financial products and services, imbued with a personal approach, to a select client base.  Find out more about us

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