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How to get started

Sign up

As a first step you will need to sign up to the Investec developer portal. Next you will need to verify your email address. Please make sure to check your spam folder should you not receive the email.

By signing up to the Investec Developer Portal you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.

Please note that you will need to be enrolled with Open Banking in order to interact with our sandbox products.

Applying for a Product

Signed up and have an account? Great! Once logged in navigate to the ‘My app’ section in the menu. There you will be able to register an app and apply for the Sandbox product(s) you want to access. 

Your client ID and secret will be displayed on the My App page. Make sure to take note of your credentials as this information is confidential are used to identify you. 

In order to test our sandbox please get in touch and send us your Open Banking JWKS URL and name of your app for verification. 


In order to use our APIs, you will need to authenticate yourself using your key and secret. You will also have to have a valid certificate issued by Open Banking. 

We support Open ID Connect, so you can also talk to our APIs with a verified JWS token as per the Security Profile in the Open Banking Specification

Sandbox testing

Get testing! We strongly recommend to build and test your applications using our Sandbox. Within the sandbox environment you can access mock data and safely try out all of our API functionality. Please view our technical documentation for any guidance or help.

Going Live

Done with testing and good to go? Please contact us and send us your Open Banking JWKS URL and name of your app for verification. We will get back to you as soon as possible.