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We are moving 


The Investec Developer Portal is moving. 

If you are a current user, we will be in contact regarding the migration of your account. 

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Signing up to the Investec developer portal is easy. You will need to be enrolled in Open Banking or possess a valid eIDAS certificate to get testing and access our APIs.

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Getting started is easy. Please note that you will have to be enrolled in Open Banking or possess a valid eIDAS certificate in order to use our sandbox APIs.

• Sign up to the Investec portal
• Create an app and apply for our sandbox products
• Start testing

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If you are interested in testing our live APIs please get in touch.

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Featured APIs

Confirmation of Funds 3.1

Make a request to confirm that funds are available as a part of a payment journey for Investec UK Private Banking clients that are using your products.

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